eye brow & lash tinting

WHY WE LOVE IT         

Wake up with makeup! 

With a hint of tint you can flaunt natural, full-looking brows & lashes for an always polished and put-together look! Benefit aestheticians can give you a flattering tint to transform your brows & lashes from fair and sparse to full and fabulous...in minutes!.

  • Custom-blended color
  • More oomph in your arches and lashes
  • Tint lasts three to four weeks


Effortless beauty...faux real! 

Tint today for beautiful, no-fuss tomorrows. Our specialty tint takes to even the finest of hairs, leaving each brow with a surprisingly fuller look and every lash appearing remarkably longer! Whenever is clever...appointments are never needed, gorgeous! And while you’re in the beauty seat...have those arches tamed to face-framing perfection with a brow wax.



Eyelash $23

Brow $18

Brow & lash $36


henna brows


HENNA BROWS Redefining Brows

Have you been hearing about Henna Brows and wondering what it is all about?

Do you have any of the following issues with your brows?

  • Gaps in your brows?
  • Unhappy with your natural brow shape?
  • Hair that grows in the wrong area?
  • Curly hairs?
  • Coarse hair?
  • Grey or white hairs that will not hold tint no matter how long your tint is left on?

Why Henna?

Henna is natural and is only mixed with water – no other product is needed to use it, making it perfect for sensitive skin types.

Henna is less intense and permanent than micro-blading and can last upto 6 weeks.

Unlike normal brow tint henna does not require the use of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide to develop the eyebrow colour. 

Although henna is a natural product you still require a patch test.

The Process

Here's the plan

Patch Test

First you will be patch tested between 24-48 hours prior to having your Henna Brow Treatment.

If you have no reaction to the Henna you can go ahead with your treatment.


2At your consultation before your Henna Brow treatment you will talk to your Henna Brows Technician about your brows, what look you want to achieve with your treatment, whether you want a fuller brow, a natural look and what colour and shape you want.

Henna Colours

3We have 6 different henna colours to choose from which can also be mixed to achieve different tones and looks on the brow.

Ombre is a really effective look, for example a lighter shade can be applied to the bulb of the brow (the area of your brow that meets your frown area) and tapered off with a darker colour throughout the rest of the brow and through to the ends.

Henna Application

4Your brows are cleansed to remove any natural oils and makeup and then measured and marked by your Henna Brows Technician.

After you select your henna colour the henna is mixed with mineral water and applied to the brow area with a brush and left for the required development time. It is then removed.

Brow Shaping

5Your Henna Brows Technician will then wax, tweeze and trim your brows to reveal your new Henna Brows which will last from anywhere between 4-6 weeks


6After your Henna Brows treatment you will be told not to cleanse or let water near the brow area for 24 hours. The henna is still adhering to the skin and hair and by leaving the henna for 24 hours you are maximising the length of time the henna will last on your skin.